Voices in the Community

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Voices in the community!

See what others are saying about Sanctuary County laws coming to Howard County. 

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“Howard County will incur costs for providing services to illegal immigrants and will have limited options for avoiding or minimizing those costs. These services will include schools, hospitals, healthcare, fire and police, court services, subsidized housing, and many more. Tax revenues that illegal immigrants generate do not offset the total costs of services provided to them. We cannot afford to become a Sanctuary County.”

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“There is value to becoming an American citizen and following laws.  When my family and I took the Oath of Allegiance to the United States we did so with tears streaming down our faces.  We have a home country; we have peace; we can vote, and we have the pursuit of the American dream as an American.  If you truly want to become an American do it the right way.”

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“Sanctuary County places the welfare of the illegal immigrant over that of the citizen and it protects criminals who should be deported because of their conduct. It’s not in our best interests to be a Sanctuary County.”

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“It is offensive and insulting to me as a naturalized citizen that followed the law to make this, the greatest country of all, my own and provide others a free pass to skirt the law and their civic responsibilities to serve the community.”

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“I grew up and was an EMT/Firefighter in Montgomery County for many years. I also trained law enforcement nationwide after 9/11 in threat analysis/mitigation and OPSEC. MS-13 has a strong and growing foothold in MoCo, with excursions into HoCo now – this is called “primary surveillance” in the OPSEC threat analysis arena.  Calvin Ball is following the same dangerous path MoCo did a decade ago and they are in serious trouble now.” 

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“Sanctuary County is a really bad idea. Illegal immigration allows unscrupulous employers to hire illegal immigrants at a rate far less than they hire American citizens. This directly impacts the quality of life of American citizens and takes jobs away from American citizens looking for work. For every job that goes to an illegal immigrant it is one less job that should have gone to an American citizen at the prevailing wages.”

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Be Heard Howard County!

What do you think about Howard County’s new Sanctuary County laws? Add your input below!

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“I support the effort of putting Sanctuary County on the ballot, because I believe the citizens deserve the right to make this decision for ourselves. I, personally, believe that we should be coming together as a country and work together, instead of forbidding law enforcement agencies from communicating with each other. The consequences of such a decision are heavy, and that is why our community should be the one making that decision.”