Local Business, Community Leaders File Final Petitions To Challenge Howard County’s New Sanctuary County Laws Via Referendum

Filing represents more than 11,000 signatures submitted in support of November 2022 ballot 

The Citizens For a Strong and Safe Howard County – a group comprised of local business and community leaders organized to challenge Howard County’s new sanctuary county laws – today filed 4,163 petition signatures with the County Board of Elections to put CB 63-2020 on the Howard County ballot in November 2022. 

In total, more than 11,000 petition signatures were submitted. According to state and county law, Citizens For a Strong and Safe Howard County was required to submit a total of 7,169 petition signatures by March 10, which is 90 days after CB 63-2020 was signed by County Executive Calvin Ball. 

The group’s chairperson, Lisa Fenton Kim of Laurel said, “The number of signatures and donations generated over the course of this campaign represents the frustration citizens are feeling with their local government officials. Sanctuary county designation impacts all of us, and it is not a decision that should be left to a handful of individuals. We look forward to Howard County residents rightfully having a say on this important issue in November 2022.”

In addition to the petition filings, the group’s financial disclosure report showed over $33,000 in fundraising from 340 donors. To date, the effort has raised over $95,000.

The Citizens For a Strong and Safe Howard County organized to subject CB 63-2020 (Sanctuary County) to county-wide referendum so that voters may ultimately decide this important issue. To learn more about this initiative, please visit our website, RepealSanctuaryCounty.com and follow us on Facebook

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