Eighth Illegal Immigrant Arrested For Rape in Montgomery County, Maryland

By Timothy Meads | Townhall

Montgomery County continues to pose a threat to the American public at large with its de facto sanctuary city policies providing a safe-haven for illegal immigrants. In the past two months, there have been at least eight men unlawfully in the country arrested on charges of rape, sexual assault, and other lewd offenses. On Monday, ABC 7’s Kevin Lewis reported that foreign national 26-year-old Oluwakayode Adebusuyi allegedly raped an intoxicated woman in his car on August 28. More egregiously, the Nigerian citizen was actually arrested in 2018 for similar sex offenses but had all charges dropped.

Lewis reports that “Last summer, MoCo Police charged Adebusuyi with 2nd-degree assault, 4th-degree sex offense and false imprisonment. Prosecutors dropped all counts in that case for unspecified reasons. Adebusuyi had been employed as a ride-share driver up until his most recent arrest.”

Immigration and Customs Enforcement confirmed that Adebusuyi is indeed an illegal immigrant. ICE has placed a detainer request, but it is unlikely that MoCo police will comply.

“A judge gave Adebusuyi a $250,000 bond. He remains in custody. Should Adebusuyi post bond, MoCo will give ICE a courtesy call, but it won’t hold the accused rapist beyond the normal jail release process. MoCo has also banned ICE from entering secure portions of the jail,” Lewis tweeted.

As Matt covered, the leaders of MoCo are nowhere to be found on the abundance of illegal immigrant crime in the county. Instead, they choose to blame others and cast aspersions against conservatives. From FoxDC 5, we learned that local officials released, in part, the following statement:

“There has been a lot [of] inaccurate information spread by the White House, President Trump, Acting USCIS Director Ken Cuccinelli, local and national conservative news outlets and neo-Nazi sympathizers regarding our criminal justice system and its process. These individuals and organizations should be ashamed for spreading false information seeking to establish a baseless, illogical and xenophobic connection between a person’s failure to obtain legal status and their propensity to commit a sex crime.”

Here’s what Matt said about it:

Wait, did these clowns just refer to Montgomery County police as…neo-Nazis…Yet, this is what you paid for, MontCo liberals. You don’t want to deport these bad apples, and now they’re wreaking havoc. Enough with the xenophobia smears too. That’s such a tried talking point and absolute garbage. These people have already raped our citizens. They also entered our country illegally—and you have policies that protect them because you refuse to work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement. This rests with you guys.  

Sadly, we can expect more stories like these to continue so long as leftists refuse to confront America’s border and illegal immigration problem.

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