Democrats prioritized illegal immigrants throughout the pandemic

By Zachary Faria | Washington Examiner

Throughout the pandemic, Democrats prioritized benefits for illegal immigrants above the problems and restrictions facing citizens and legal residents. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York recently offered a reminder of that.

Ocasio-Cortez boasted about how Democrats fought “tooth and nail” to include illegal immigrants in COVID-19 “relief” and stimulus packages and how she helped “huge amounts” of illegal immigrants get those federal benefits in her district.

Democrats did indeed fight tooth and nail to make sure illegal immigrants were included in their bloated stimulus bill. While families and businesses were reckoning with the effects of lockdowns, Democrats did not encourage lockdowns to be eased or lifted to make things easier for them. Instead, they made inflation worse with an unnecessary, bloated spending bill, one that was sure to add those who overstayed their visas to the list of beneficiaries.

Ocasio-Cortez, when she is not palling around with elitists at the Met Gala, is bragging about this because this is how Democrats signal to their voter base that they care. That base is not Hispanics or even legal immigrants, but well-off white liberals, the kind who place “hate has no home here” signs on their lawns and use the term “Latinx” so that they can show how inclusive they are.

This is the same reason Democrats were enforcing lockdowns and COVID-19 restrictions on citizens and legal residents while not even bothering to test the thousands of illegal immigrants who cross the border every day thanks to President Joe Biden’s lax border policies. For months, you had to show proof of vaccination if you wanted to eat in a restaurant. If you crossed the border illegally with a bogus asylum claim, you could simply walk right in, without so much as a mask or a temperature check.

While businesses were closed, people lost their jobs, and children missed out on important developmental experiences in school and sports, Democrats were focused on making sure illegal immigrants could get stimulus payments and come into the country without jumping through too many hoops. That Ocasio-Cortez thinks this is something that should be celebrated and promoted while Democrats still drag out COVID-19 restrictions shows exactly where her priorities, and those of her party, lie.

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