California’s sanctuary state law has lethal consequences

By Zachary Faria | Washington Examiner

California’s sanctuary state law maintains that being a criminal is not enough to deport an illegal immigrant. This “compassion” has lethal consequences.

David Mora, an illegal immigrant, killed his three daughters, the chaperone supervising the visit with his children, and himself in a church in Northern California this month. Mora had been released from jail in Merced County after assaulting a California Highway Patrol officer, but U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement wasn’t notified about Mora by the Merced County Sheriff’s Office because of the state’s sanctuary state law.

On top of his assault of a CHP officer, Mora had a restraining order placed on him by the children’s mother and was released from an involuntary mental health hold in April 2021. None of this, apparently, warranted deportation. Now, four people who otherwise would be alive are dead. Three of them were children, with the oldest one being just 13 years old.

California Assemblyman and former GOP gubernatorial candidate Kevin Kiley is introducing a bill to repeal the sanctuary state law. It likely won’t go anywhere in California’s Democrat-dominated Legislature, but it should. Debates about how to handle illegal immigration can lead to plenty of good faith conclusions, but the idea that people who are here illegally should be released from jail back into the population instead of being deported immediately is absurd and unsafe.

The sanctuary state law is overly broad and dangerous. This is not compassion or tolerance. Mora never should have been in California, and he and others certainly should not be allowed to stay in California after they walk out of a jail cell.

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